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Integrated Healthcare Symposium 2011

February 27, 2011

I’ll be speaking at this year’s IHS in NYC, Sunday March 6th.

Join me  for my lecture: The Female Balancing Act: Natural Hormonal Health for Women of Any Age.


It’s Annual Exam Time, Again! Oct in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 9, 2010


  1. Commitment to self care – you have to take care of you – show yourself the LOVE
  2. Expert answers to women’s health questions, from a natural perspective
  3. Expert advice on how studies and new research applies to your personal health risks
  4. Time to be heard and time for education
  5. Prevention: pap smear, specialty testing, and breast exam can help detect early problems

Air Drying

October 8, 2010

The trend in beauty magazines is to go au natural. Well, Heidi Klum posed for People magazine (OK not so this month) without make up this past April and Jessica Simpson did the same for Marie Claire.  Surprisingly the captions even mentioned the detail of air-dried hair. It reminded me that the smallest things can make a real difference.

A few years ago I attended an environmental health conference. The keynote was a visiting environmentalist from Australia.  Her take home message was to stop the use of clothes driers. I thought, hmm, how could this be significant enough to make an impact? But then think about it, how many people are drying their clothes right now from coast to cost in America? Yes quite a few. What if we all hung the clothes up to dry? She stated that this alone could reduce our electric use enough to SOLVE our energy problems, flat out solve them, OK this may be an overstatement, but think about the benefits. Check out the stats here for more detailed real-life stats. Less impact on the environment, less pollution less contribution to global warming and more money in our pockets. I say let’s do it and get your kids involved, they love to get the clothespins and hang things and then pull things down. My linens and clothes are so much fresher after hanging on the line.  Turn off the dryer and get hanging America!

Gluten, why so many sensitivities?

March 6, 2010

Gluten is the protein component of the grains: wheat, rye and barley, also including spelt, triticale and kamut. In wheat, gluten contributes to elasticity making this grain superb for all types of baking. Farmers select varieties of wheat that are hardy and taste best. Ultimately they are choosing the species that naturally tend to be highest in gluten. High gluten content ensures bread products taste chewy without being too dense, just like a perfect NY bagel tastes. Often gluten is added to baked goods, breads in particular, to promote the dough to rise well and to enhance the overall consistency. It is concerning though, that bread created today now has 10 times the amount of gluten compared with breads made 50 years ago. Some research is showing that gluten acts locally affecting the cells that line the digestive tract. The protein interferes in the normal functioning of our immune system of the gut, especially working to break down the junctions between the cells. Once these junctions are weakened undigested proteins can cross the intestine. When this happens the body responds with inflammation and the creation of new antibodies to whatever just crossed over. In this case it is gluten moving across the intestinal barrier before it is broken down properly, which causes the body to mount  antibody production to the protein. If this happens again and again there is a risk of developing either a wheat sensitivity or creating a severe enough problem to warrant the diagnosis of  Celiac disease.

Crisis in Haiti

January 24, 2010

This is such a sad event to witness from afar. As I watch the news, my heart is breaking for those who are lost, and those who are there to see the devastation first hand. I pray for the survivors that they find the strength to keep going and for all the aid workers to move quickly and with ease so that they may truly help the ones in most dire need. One of our students, here at UB, left to offer help. I am honored to know she is there. And wish I had the ability to go myself and offer my services to a nation in need. There is an incredible group: NDI, Natural Doctors International, who is coordinating relief support for Haiti for all North American naturopaths. Donate there for a coordinated natural health effort for Haiti.

Preconception Care

January 4, 2010

If you are thinking about or planning to become pregnant NOW is the best time to do “preconception care”. This is the prep that you and your partner can do a year or so ahead of conception to make your bodies healthy and ready for another living being. Getting your body, mind and spirit aligned for a babe-to-be will benefit your future family.

Come in for specific dietary advice which may include a personalized detox plan, exercise plan and overall lifestyle management. Getting healthy before your baby comes is one of the best gifts you can provide. Think ahead before trying to get pregnant and let’s chat about optimizing your health.

Unique Holiday Gifts Created By NDs

December 10, 2009

Spending money wisely is a common theme this year. The economy of course is playing a critical role in everyone’s gift giving. Think of who you are supporting and who you want to support with your purchase before you spend the bucks. I’ve found a few new products that really deserve to make it big this holiday season. They are the brainchildren of NDs.

Check out NaturoKit for a comprehensive first aid kit of easy to use natural therapies. One of the co-creators of the naturo-kit was a classmate of mine during my years at NCNM. Another ND created find is for kids. Dr. Heather Manley  has brought to life a fun way to learn about the functions of the body and especially the importance of a healthy digestive tract. The combination of her children’s story, DVD, and activity work-book seem to be an engaging way to get kids involved in their own health and self-care.