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Air Drying

October 8, 2010

The trend in beauty magazines is to go au natural. Well, Heidi Klum posed for People magazine (OK not so this month) without make up this past April and Jessica Simpson did the same for Marie Claire.  Surprisingly the captions even mentioned the detail of air-dried hair. It reminded me that the smallest things can make a real difference.

A few years ago I attended an environmental health conference. The keynote was a visiting environmentalist from Australia.  Her take home message was to stop the use of clothes driers. I thought, hmm, how could this be significant enough to make an impact? But then think about it, how many people are drying their clothes right now from coast to cost in America? Yes quite a few. What if we all hung the clothes up to dry? She stated that this alone could reduce our electric use enough to SOLVE our energy problems, flat out solve them, OK this may be an overstatement, but think about the benefits. Check out the stats here for more detailed real-life stats. Less impact on the environment, less pollution less contribution to global warming and more money in our pockets. I say let’s do it and get your kids involved, they love to get the clothespins and hang things and then pull things down. My linens and clothes are so much fresher after hanging on the line.  Turn off the dryer and get hanging America!

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