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Applying hot and cold water has a profound effect on bodily funcitons. It will lessen or remove swelling in limbs, reduce pains, improve immune function by increasing the number and the activity of white blood cells. It also has roots in Europe where healing baths are stilled visited and used today.

Therapies used by NDs will include the application of hot and cold towels to the trunk of the body or to specific limbs, or immersion baths of spefici temperature water sometimes followed by a cold wrap. Some ND’s will offer or recommend colonics for specific conditions. Others may use steams or saunas for therapeutic effect.

Hydrotherapy it is a gentle and very effective means of treating acute and chronic disease and can be applied to patients of all ages. It may be done in the office or can be adapted for home use. Patients are amazed that something as basic as water can be so helpful in treating disease.


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