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Dr. Jen

Natural healthcare for you and your family

Feel the difference in yourself through Naturopathic Healthcare. Using only all natural, non-toxic treatments Dr. Johnson will help you make the changes needed for you and your family to live a healthier life.

Dr. Johnson specializes in pediatric and women’s healthcare.

* Healthcare for women and teens
– Painful and/or irregular periods, menopausal symptoms

* Newborn, infant and children’s health
– Reflux, allergies, food introduction, acute illness, Autism

* Natural Care for Pregnancy and Post-partum
– Breastfeeding, moodiness, fatigue



Get ready for THE big arrival by enrolling in 9 Months of Change. Learn about all your childbirth options, including how to make informed choices about your health and your baby’s during labor and pregnancy. Designed for new or experienced parents, classes are interactive and fun. Couples will explore this incredible transition from pregnancy into parenthood using in-class and home-based exercises. Format and topics are inspired by Birthing From Within.

Class Topics:
Pregnancy nutrition and fetal development
Addressing and overcoming fears
Coping with labor, including natural pain management
Basics of labor (stages)
Natural newborn care, including naturopathic tips!
Breastfeeding education
Parenting skills

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