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The word homeopathy explains this unique form of medicine.

Homeo = like and pathy=disease
meaning “like cures like”

Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician developed this form of medicine in the early 1800s. It still is very commonly used in Europe today. Americans are somewhat familiar with a handful of remedies. Recently the use of occilococium has been getting more press, used at the onset or to prevent the flu. Other commonly used homeopathics are teething tablets or colic tablets for little babes.

More and more MDs are finding uses for homeopathics, even plastic surgeosn will use Arnica for the bruisinf and swellingafter surgery. Arnica is often applied topically, but is just as or sometimes more effect ive when taken orally.

Homeopathics are either in liquid or tablet form. The medicines are made by taking the original substand (plant, mineral, animal) and diluting it with water and the succussing (gently tapping) it many many hundreds or thousands of times. This dilution is then further diluted and succussed again. This process continues until the correct dilution is produced and then applied to small sugar pellets or added to a water /alcohol (used as a preseverative) base.

Homeopathic medicines can be combined with herbs or are given alone. They are commonly very safe and can be used in pregnancy, in elderly and in very young babies. There are thousands of remedies (homeopathic medicines), therefore getting just the right medicine for you is where your ND can be of great help.


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